Membership Strategies — 2022

Mo-Ark Governor-elect Roy Ockert of Jonesboro has prepared a video in which he describes some strategies for club membership growth that he learned during KI governor-elect training at Indianapolis in October.

One of those is a club boost, or club strengthening event, which Roy suggests any club could organize for itself. A key to success in a club boost is identifying prospective members, and Roy passes along a strategy suggested by President-elect Bert West of the Rocky Mountain District, which could be utilized in a club boost.

This video is especially timely as Mo-Ark conducts its second Membership Contest. Try a club strengthening event now, and your club might boost itself in the standings before March 31. However, any time is a good time to share the gift of Kiwanis with more people.

Download the PDFs shown here, which are mentioned in the video.

The fillable form allows typing in information. To use, open with Adobe Acrobat, click on Tool tab to find fill option.

Two for Two is KI’s latest program to help grow your club. Details here:

A brochure workbook is available:

Two for Two is an opportunity to contact strangers in the community and invite them to join Kiwanis. Inviting friends, neighbors, and relatives is easy; strangers takes a bit more effort.

We’d like our members to participate in the program. They need to know more. The Two for Two brochure has instructions. The appointment page is a good summary.

Asked for their training video about appointments for club building, KI provided the following. This is not the appointment skit video they had before but it does cover the basics.

I am happy to send your members the Two for Two booklet.

Please have each of them visit this website and have each member complete and submit the form. Once we receive the completed form, it will trigger the order process.

As for the video on making appointments, please visit this website to view the video.

Please let me know if you need anything else. Thank you!


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