Dues and New Member Fees

Missouri-Arkansas District of Kiwanis Revenue

Kiwanis International invoices each club for annual dues based on their membership at the start of the year. Usually the invoice is mailed about November 1 based on your membership roster as of October 10.

 The breakdown of dues is as follows:

Notice that KI collects the district dues at the same time.

The Board of Directors of each Kiwanis Club decides what dues to charge its members. The difference between the members fee and the KI dues is known as club dues. The dues number is in the club by-laws. To change its dues, a club is required to revise the club by-laws and submit to KI for approval.

New Member Fees

In 2021, KI and MO-ARK decided to pro-rate new member fees. When a member joins in October, they pay the full $112 fee shown. Thereafter the new member fee is reduced by 1/12 or 8.3% ($9.33)/month.

Rather than have the new member fee change each month (a 12-step system), Meramec Valley Community uses a three step system: $100 for the first six months; $60 after April 1; and $125 after August 1 (with $25 applied to current year’s dues and $100 for next year).

The $112 fee is for a regular Kiwanis member. KI also offers Corporate memberships. Then the corporation is listed as the member, but the representative attending meetings can be changed within the same membership. Corporate members also pay $112/yr.

Special rates apply to former SLP members. Prior Key club and Circle K students do not pay dues of $52 for two years but are required to pay $30 for the magazine, liability Insurance and directors and officers Liability Insurance. They are billed district dues of $3.25.

A Life Member pays a one-time fee, with the clubs approval, of 15 times the current annual dues ($52) or $780.  The life member does not pay the $52 in annual dues but still pays $30 for the magazine, liability insurance and directors and officers insurance plus district dues of $30.

For more about Membership and Dues see: https://k14.site.kiwanis.org/membership-and-dues/

When starting a new club: Check with Kiwanis International