Dues and New Member Fees

Missouri-Arkansas District of Kiwanis Revenue

2020-2021 Kiwanis New Member Add Fees:

When a new member is inducted into a club they pay new member add fees of $ 70. This consists of a Kiwanis International new member add fee of $50 and a MO-ARK District new member add fee of $20.  The $70 is all paid to Kiwanis International, no matter when they join during the year, and they return the $20 to the MO-ARK District.  Both KI and MO-ARK waive the new member charges for former SLP Members such as Circle K and Key Club members.

2020-2021 Kiwanis Dues:

All Kiwanians in our district pay annual dues to Kiwanis International and the MO-ARK District.  They are due on October 1, 2020:  $97.00.  KI bills the Kiwanis club the amounts shown.  Kiwanis clubs in turn bill their club members to collect dues as specified by their Board of Directors.

         The breakdown of this amount is as follows:

                                            Kiwanis International Dues:                      $ 52                    
                                            Kiwanis International Magazine:                $   8
                                            Member’s Liability Insurance:                    $ 13
                                            Directors and Officers Liability Insurance  $   4

                                            Total International                                      $ 77

                                            District Dues:                                            $ 20

                                            Total                                                          $ 97

The only exceptions are prior Key club and Circle K students. They do not have to pay dues of $52 for a period of two years but are required to pay $ 25 for the magazine, liability Insurance and directors and officers Liability Insurance. They do not have to pay district dues of $20 for the same period.

A Life Member pays a one-time fee, with the clubs approval, of 15 times the current annual dues ($52) or $780.  The member still has to pay $25 for the magazine, liability insurance and directors and officers insurance plus district dues of $20.

When starting a new club: Check with Kiwanis International