Licensing Requirement for Vendors

Any clubs, divisions, districts or individuals that purchase promotional merchandise containing the Kiwanis name, seal, wordmark or member pin will now need to use a licensed vendor. This includes all promotional merchandise whether it is sold or given to members or the public at Kiwanis events.

An increased online presence, our e-commerce efforts and the ever-growing use of social media prompted Kiwanis to continue to further protect our brand. Therefore, any vendor using a trademark that is owned by Kiwanis will be required to be licensed by Affinity licensing. This applies to Kiwanis International, Circle K International, Key Club International, Aktion Club, Builder’s Club, K-Kids, Terrific Kids and Bring Up Grades (BUG).

Affinity is managing this program for vendors only in the United States. Vendors can apply to be licensed here. A list of licensed vendors is available at Information is also available for any vendors that want to become a licensed vendor.

Thank you for helping Kiwanis protect our trademarks and brand. Please email [email protected] if you have questions. 

At present, the only licensed vendor in our area is:
108 Madison Street  
Saint Louis, MO 63102 
(314) 621-6806