Kiwanis Children’s Fund

Kiwanis Children’s Fund is the 501(c)3 foundation associated with Kiwanis International in Indianapolis. They are best known for grants to Kiwanis clubs. They are funded by donations from Kiwanis clubs. MO-ARK Kiwanis clubs are encouraged to donate to Kiwanis Children’s Fund annually at the rate of $10/member.

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Dr. Wil Blechman Fellowship

Kiwanis has announced a new fellowship for those who donate $2500 to Kiwanis Children’s Fund. Proceeds will go for service to young children rather than Eliminate.

MOARK District Giving Report!

Good afternoon!Thank you, thank you thank you to all of you striving to help the Children of MO-ARK District as well as Children of your community and the Children of the World.  Many clubs are starting to get back to some form of normalcy after having to stop meeting for a while or just having virtual meetings for the past year. It has been great for my club to be meeting face to face for the past few weeks again.

Let me tell you what has been happening this past month. First of all , see the Giving Report posted below of clubs who have donated to the Kiwanis Children’s Fund from October 1 through March 31. Thanks to all of you who have donated!. If your club has donated and if you are not listed here but have sent a donation to KFC for the district, please let me know. 

Thus far our donations have totaled $13,974.01.  For those of you who have not been able to send in your donations as of yet, click on the donation link above. Remember, it is suggested that clubs donate $10 per member to KCF. I ask that if you cannot afford to donate $20 per member, please donate what you can. There is the $365 project in which KCF is asking your club to donate $1 per day. Again, if you have any questions, give me a call.

MO-ARK Awarded Grant from Kiwanis Children’s Fund

MO-ARK has received notice of our district grant in the amount of $1212.06. Governor A.C. Paxton suggested that we give this grant toward one of our District projects—Key Leader Camp.   Key Leader Camp is a great weekend camp which helps kids with their leadership skills!  I would suggest that you look into sending students to this camp.IT IS GREAT!

Last month, MO-ARK DISTRICT had their Education Days. Such good information. If you missed it, you can find it on the MO-ARK website or Facebook page. There are 4 different segments and can be watched one at a time. You could also use them as a program for a meeting.
Thanks again for all your help and for all you do for THE CHILDREN OF THE WORLD!

Nancy Hoff
District Chair, MO-ARK District
Phone:  660-537-1388