Leadership, MO-ARK District

MO-ARK Leadership 2023-2024

MO-ARK Kiwanis        (Updated Feb 19, 2024)

Gov. Paul Sherman                  417-496-9282  [email protected]

Gov. Elect Jim Fritz                  314-722-0466  [email protected]

Past Gov. Roy Ockert               870-930-5504  [email protected]

Secretary Angie Oshia             636-575-4070  [email protected]

Treasurer Robin Asher             417-838-1787  [email protected]


Lieutenant Governors 2023-2024

Division          Name            Phone           Email

Region I Trustee

Jim Major                                816-668-3505  [email protected]

2          Patsey McGuire           816-390-1372  [email protected]

3          Gary Goebel                816-564-5010  [email protected]

4          Cheryl Anderson          816-550-3246  [email protected]

Region II Trustee

John Buckwalter                      816-627-4713  [email protected]

1          Charley Cooper           660-949-2266  [email protected]

5          Kevin Brown                660-998-6387  [email protected]

Region III Trustee

Les Mace                                 417-861-6887  [email protected]

11        David Kelley                 660-619-2569  [email protected]

12        Norma Clinton             417-669-5635  [email protected]

13        Larry Summers            417-619-2569  [email protected]

26        Gene Munholland        417-533-2863  [email protected]

Region IV

Chuck Seevers                         314-920-6120  [email protected]

6          Tiffany Ermeling          314-581-4877  [email protected]

7          Andrea Flynn               314-753-5669  [email protected]

8          Angie Oshia                 636-575-4070  [email protected]

9          Teri Jacob                     314-402-4446  [email protected]

Region V Trustee

Garry Warner                          573-380-2850  [email protected]

10        Maretta Diestelkamp   573-263-4224  [email protected]

14        Maylon Teter               775-450-0600  [email protected]

Region VI Trustee

Jerry Martin                             479-871-8733  [email protected]

18        Jim Brisco                    870-741-3767 [email protected]

cell 870-365-6554

19        Dennis Kurczek            501-656-9638  [email protected]

Region VII Trustee

Elbert Bradley                         903-278-7186 [email protected]

15        Kathleen Kinney          501-282-5404  [email protected]

20        ?????

23        Charlotte Bradley        w-870-777-3000 X5528

C-870-703-9595 [email protected]

Region VIII

Gary Baker                               501-412-2489  [email protected]

16        ???????

17        Frank Hilbert               918-424-6484  [email protected]

Region IX

Michal Harris                           870-413-8571  [email protected]

21        Ron Hill                        501-472-8361  [email protected]

22        Sandra Bagley              214-663-3333  [email protected]

25        John Goss                    501-350-7279  [email protected]


Harry Truman once said, “Leadership isn’t much without followers”.  I believe the real leaders in Kiwanis are the clubs.  Please do a little work to connect and make the clubs in your Division better.  Doing so, you lead Kiwanis, the kids are better, the communities are better, and the clubs are better for your leadership.  We are all made better, and Kiwanis will follow your lead.  And Have Fun!  Thank you!  Sherm