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KI has issued a Users Guide for Monthly Reports

CLE Power Points 2022 Edition from KI

2022 Secretary: Use the 2021 Secretary Powerpoint below.

CLE Power Points (with MO-ARK Info added, 2021 editions)

Train the Trainers Outline:  This outline is intended to help new trainers get started. 

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Education Tracker for CLE Trainers

CLE Trainers have access to Education Tracker where they report CLE training sessions they have scheduled, and then enter attendees, and finally send surveys to Presidents attendees.  This reports attendance at CLE to KI so trainees and their clubs get credit.

To access Education Tracker–

1. Go to . This takes you to the Kiwanis Connect login screen.  Log-in and select Missouri-Arkansas (Kiwanis International)

2.  This takes you to another screen with your name on it and an icon for Education Tracker on the right.  Click on the icon.  (Sometimes due to the wonders of modern computer science, they take you to your club’s Secretary Dashboard menu instead.  If this happens, press signout on the upper right to loop back to the Login screen.  If all else fails, log out and start over.  Change browsers.  Reboot your computer.)

3.  Follow instructions from there to enter new sessions.  Note that you should enter separate sessions for Presidents, Secretaries, and Treasurers (and others).  Sessions for President and Secretary are most important.  Please create entries for at least both, preferably all sessions.  

Then add names of attendees.  You need only type in the last name of each attendee.  KI computers give you a list of all with that last name.  You select the one from the club listed on your sign-in sheet.  The email address in the KI computers comes up automatically.  You usually cannot change it.  If it is incorrect, have attendee advise their club Secretary of the new email address so they can enter it in the KI database through Secretary Dashboard.

The name match software works quite well most of the time.  Hyphenated names, nicknames or recent name changes can be difficult.  How is it entered in the KI database?  Handwriting can be difficult to read and spelling errors can cause problems.  Emailing attendee for assistance can resolve the issue.

Instructors should include their names in the list of attendees to receive credit for attending training.

Once entered send Presidents students the survey.  The survey has several cover letters to choose from or you can write your own.  Be sure to check the box to attach the survey.

On mine, the Education Tracker screen also has an icon for Education Reports.  This gives you a summary of all the clubs in your division and indicates which officers have attended training.  The data include those who have trained online.  It’s a beta and may still have some flaws.  Last year it had green spots that you could not copy or print.  The green dots can be captured by print screen.  Records may be incomplete because green dots are displayed only when those attending training were previously entered as office holders in the club’s Secretary’s Dashboard.

On the first page of the Education Reports screen you will see a bar at the bottom:  Combined classroom and online education attendance report.  This creates a Excel file, which can be sorted as needed.  It is far more reliable than the green dot report described above.

Any problems or questions, please ask away. 

KI has issued an Education Tracker Users Guide