Logo, District

In compliance with the Kiwanis Branding guidelines, MO-ARK has a new logo as shown above.  KI has provided a series of logo files with instructions.  We have the traditional blue and gold logo shown above, a black and white logo, and a reversed color (white on neutral background).  Each is provided in multiple formats.  Most will use jpg or better png files for printing or emails.  The eps files are intended for use in large banners, etc.

Kiwanis guidelines require white space around the logos to show them off and avoid crowding.  Enough white space for the letter S in Kiwanis is required on all four diagonals.  In emails and on Facebook it can be tricky to position the logo correctly.  Hence, spaced files have been added for the blue-gold and black and white logos.

Some of the png logo files appear in photos as printed on black background.  These are transparent files.  When inserted into a word processing document they allow the logo to be overlayed over your graphics (such as a photo, event flyer, or even white text on blue background, etc).

Examples of the most common logos follow.   Diagonal white space included.  These are png files, which do not degrade when manipulated (as do jpg files).  To save the logo for your document, place the cursor on the image of your choice, click the right mouse button and then “save picture as”.

For more see the Instructions File below.  For additional file types, click on the link of your choice below.

Blue and gold: jpg png spaced

Black and white:  jpg, png, spaced


For more on logos see the Kiwanis Branding article.  Click here.

Note that KI now requires that merchandise with the KI logo or any of the Kiwanis trademarks be obtained from a licensed vendor.  See Licensing Requirements.