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Logos seem to be in disarray at the moment at KI headquarters. In frustration I am posting all the ones in my collection. To download right click and save image as–

Note the new Kiwanis Pin or Seal logo above.  Notice the pin is tilted 15º to the left.  The tilt may be left or right and is preferred but not required on merchandise.  

In February, 2016, Kiwanis International issued a Brand Guide.   The guide is intended to standardize use of Kiwanis symbols in an effort to deliver a consistent message.  The guide is detailed in that it specifies colors, fonts, spacing, and minimum sizes for the Kiwanis logos.

The Brand Guide can be downloaded here:

Notice:  To download any of the logos in this article, click your right mouse button on the image.  A menu comes up.  Select Save Image As.

Immediately your stationary, letter head, business cards, etc.,  are obsolete.  Don’t destroy them.  Use the old until supplies are depleted, but next time use the new logos.

The well known birdcage logo is now obsolete. It is being retired.

The official Kiwanis logo now includes both the seal and the name–

(Spacing rules require there be space for the small S on all four diagonals.  The minimum size for the logo is 1.25 in. wide.)

The fonts they recommend, Knockout and Avenir, are not available on my word processor, but the recommended alternates are:  Arial, Arial Bold, and Haettenschweiler.

The Kiwanis wordmark is still available.

A full selection of logos can be downloaded from Kiwanis International.  Click here (Note that you are looking at page 5 of the Kiwanis logos.  Other pages have logos of other Kiwanis entities.) [Temporarily unavailable while Kiwanis International upgrades its computer system. Check back in a month or so.]

They are available in black, or inverted in white on gray, in blue and gold, or all blue. There’s also a stacked logo.

The Kiwanis logo can be customized to create logos for districts or clubs.  The text should appear below the word Kiwanis in Avenir Next LT Pro Regular font (or Arial as a substitute) in smaller type.  If the name is long, the text may appear on two lines, but may not be longer than the word Kiwanis.  

Kiwanis International offers a service to create custom logos for your organization. Click here.

Updated logos are available for all the SLPs on the Kiwanis.org website.  Special logos are available for clubs celebrating an anniversary.


There are several vertical logos as for a ringbinder.

        You should be able to download the logo you want from the website above.  You probably want .png files as .jpg files gradually degrade as you manipulate them.  I found it easiest to download the logos as jpg files and then copy them to Paint and save them as a .png file.

        Mary Vaughan, Public Relations Co-ordinator for MO-ARK, is our branding expert.  If you have any questions, contact her at [email protected]

        You can save any of the logos in this article.  Put the cursor on the logo of interest and click the right mouse button.  Select “save image as,” and then the disk file where you want to store it.

In compliance with the branding guidelines, MO-ARK now has a new logo–

For more, see the MO-ARK Logo article under the District Information menu item.  Click here.

Note that KI now requires that merchandise with the KI logo or any of the Kiwanis trademarks be obtained from a licensed vendor.  See Licensing Requirements.