CLE Trainers

MO-ARK Trainers 2024-5         

REG DIV LN FN EMAIL PHONE  Pres Sect Treas Mbrshp Will Travel
2 1 Buckwalter John [email protected] 660-627-4713          
1 4 Anderson Cheryl [email protected] 816-550-3246 x x x x x
4 6 Ermeling Tiffany [email protected] 314-581-4877 x x x x  
4 7 Thompson Barb [email protected] 314-780-4464 x x x x div 6-10
4 7 Vaughan Mary [email protected] 314-581-0497 x x x x limited avail
4 9 Eckler Paul [email protected] 636-273-5398 x x x x up to 100mi
4 9 Jesperson Roger [email protected] 575-803-0757 x x x x  
3 11 & 12 & 26 Mace Les [email protected] 417-861-6887 x x x x  
3 13 Asher Robin [email protected] 417-838-1787 x   x    
7 15 Robertson Blake [email protected] 501-520-7623 x   x x  
7 15 LaFond Susan [email protected] 501-337-6422          
6 18 Massey Troy [email protected] 807-365-9273          
6 24 Rennard Katie [email protected] 479-524-1384 x x x x  
6 24 South Tom [email protected] 501-764-1133 x   x    

For the convenience of members we would like to have Certified Trainers in each division.  Some divisions are underserved.  If you would like to serve as a trainer, please submit an application for approval.  Most trainers do one or two training sessions per year.  It’s a modest time commitment.  We are all volunteers.  We thank our trainers for their service.

To apply, contact Katie at the address below. Any experienced officer is welcome to apply. 

Katie Rennard
Mo-Ark Leadership Development Coordinator
[email protected]