Membership and Dues

Prorated Dues

Beginning October 1, 2021, new member fees and charter member fees are eliminated to be replaced by prorated dues. For more info see:



Every Kiwanis club is an independent corporation governed by its own Board of Directors (as specified in the club By-Laws). Clubs assess their members for annual dues set by the Board of Directors.  MO-ARK Kiwanis club’s fiscal year runs from October 1 to September 30.  Kiwanis International assesses clubs annual dues based on their official membership roster on October 1. Hence, most clubs issue dues invoices to their members in mid-August, in hopes of receiving payment by mid-September to update their member roster by October 1.

Dues is typically set to cover the KI dues sometimes plus an allowance for the club’s Administrative account  (Club By-Laws require that funds from public fund raising be maintained in a separate Charity or Service account so they are not used for dues or other non-charity expenditures.)  The KI dues consist of basic dues of $52 plus $8 for Kiwanis magazine plus $17 for liability insurance plus MO-ARK district dues of $20 for a total of $97.  Only the insurance portion can be paid from the Charity account.

Some clubs are able to keep dues low by subsidizing payments to KI.  Administrative funds typically are derived from activities such as 50/50 Raffles, Happy Dollars, surcharges on meals, etc.  Some clubs also have endowments, advertisers, sponsors or investment income that can further reduce dues charged to members.  Often the Board uses the club’s annual budget to arrive at an appropriate dues figure.

Under KI rules, new members added to the roster in midyear result in the club being billed a “new member add fee” of $70.  Some clubs subsidize charges to new members–often by half or more–to keep charges lower while the new member gets acquainted.

Because KI bills the club based on its official roster on October 1, members who wish to resign are asked to advise the club Secretary.

Classes of Membership

Kiwanis International allows the following membership categories–

     *Regular.  Dues $97 (billed to the Kiwanis club) as described above.

     *Corporate  Same dues but the person representing the company may be changed within the same membership number.

     *Honorary.  Dues $8 for Kiwanis magazine.  Honorary members are not counted in the club official membership statistics.

     *Life  15 x $52 and 3 yr. minimum tenure.  $52 credit/yr.  Life membership can be awarded to any Kiwanis member after three years of membership.  The application must be submitted by the club with approval by its board of directors, president and secretary as well as the district governor and secretary.  The fee is 15 times the $52 KI dues ($780).  The recipient receives a gold membership card, a desk top award and a lapel pin intended for presentation at an official function.  Life members receive free membership dues for life.  Their club plays only $45 as shown above ($20 to MO-ARK, plus $8 for Kiwanis magazine and $17 for insurance).  For more information see the KI website.  Click here.

     *Dual (spouse or multiple) memberships.  Dues $89 ($8 credit for Kiwanis magazine for second membership)

     *Former SLP Members.  Members of Key Club, Circle K, or other Kiwanis SLP programs receive a credit of $52/yr for two years.  MO-ARK has also waived its $20 dues for SLP members.  Hence, SLP member received a $72 discount for two years.  Both KI and MO-ARK have waived the $70 sign-on fee for SLP members.  This is as billed to the club by KI.  It’s the club’s discretion to pass the savings on to its membership.  As a result SLP members can pay minimal fees of $25 or so the first year, then receive $72 discounts for years two and three.  They pay full dues only in the fourth year.

New members are entered in the official KI Roster for the club by the Secretary via the Secretary’s Dashboard online at  Entries made there specify the membership classification.  The Secretary also enters the new member’s address, phone numbers, and email address for use by Kiwanis International in official communications.  Should any of this information change, please notify your club Secretary.


Kiwanis clubs are governed by their By-Laws which specify details such as the number of Board Members, officers, term of office, etc.  Kiwanis International has a formal procedure for the adoption and revision of By-Laws.  Revisions must be within KI guidelines and approved by KI.  Your club Secretary keeps a copy of your club’s By-Laws, or you may obtain a copy from Kiwanis International.