New Member Orientation

Welcome to New Member Orientation Made Easy

New members are an incredible asset and helping them navigate the nuances of your club is essential to making them feel like a part of something wonderful. These documents are the stepping stone to helping out your new members. All of these documents are formatted and ready to go; you just need to fill in your club’s information. Feel free to change these documents to meet your club’s needs or just use the documents that apply to your club. Good Luck with creating your club’s packet for new members.

Mary Saale and Teri Jacob presented this topic at the 2021 MO-ARK Convention. These are the files from that program.

For more information contact
Mary Saale at [email protected]
or Teri Jacob at [email protected]

List of Contents for New Member Orientation Packet

Minimum Required

  • Current Club Roster
  • List of Current Club Officers
  • Current Club Budget
  • Application for New Member to give to a Prospective Member

Other Helpful Information

  • Information Card about your club (one or two sided)
  • Club Brochure
  • Fundraising Events Spread Sheet
  • Service Opportunities Spread Sheet
  • Spreadsheet of Committees
  • Helpful Facts About Your Club
  • List of Whom Your Club Supports
  • Kiwanis Foundations
  • Kiwanis International Children’s Fund Causes
  • Spreadsheet of Your Club’s SLP’s
  • Gifts and Honors
  • Information for Inviting Speakers
  • Information to give to speaker at time of invitation
  • List of Past Speakers
  • Monthly Speaker Guidelines
  • List of Prospective Speakers
  • 30 second speech
  • History of Kiwanis

The above is a list you can pick and choose from. Please use these templates as they are, or change them to suit the needs of your club.