Service Leadership Programs (SLPs)

Kiwanis International empowers people at every stage of life to become competent, capable, and compassionate leaders by helping them learn to help others. Through its Service Leadership Programs, Kiwanis enables its youngest leaders to serve their communities, opening doors for them to change the world. Through Aktion Club, Kiwanis members give adults with disabilities the opportunity to develop initiative and leadership skills in serving their communities while enabling their integration into society.

As a Kiwanis member, you have the privilege of serving and guiding these developing leaders.

K-Kids is a service club for elementary school. 

MO-ARK Chairperson:   
David Sutton                                  [email protected]

Builders Club is a service club for middle schools.

William Dooley
[email protected],
816-419-5180, Richmond

MO-ARK Builders Club Website:
Click here.

Terrific Kids 

David Sutton                                  [email protected]

Bringing Up Grades 

David Sutton                                  [email protected]

Key Leader is a weekend camp for grades 9 to 12 that teaches leadership skills

John Goss, [email protected]501-350-7279, Little Rock

For more about MO-ARKs Key Leader programs, click here.

Aktion Club is the only community-service club for adults living with disabilities. Aktion Club allows members to develop initiative and leadership skills in serving their communities while enabling their integration into society.

Aktion Club

     • More than 400 clubs in seven nations
     • The fastest-growing program within Kiwanis International
     • Aktion Club originated in Florida in 1987 and was adopted as an official sponsored program of Kiwanis International in 2000.

MO-ARK’s Chairperson for Aktion Club is Delores Stamps,  [email protected],  479-799-1687,  of the Springdale Kiwanis Club.

Circle K

Circle K International (CKI) is the premier collegiate and university community service, leadership development, and friendship organization in the world. With more than 12,600 members in 17 nations, CKI is making a positive impact on the world every day.

Circle K clubs are organized and sponsored by a Kiwanis club on a college or university campus. CKI is a self-governing organization and elects its own officers, conducts its own meetings, and determines its own service activities.

CKI blends community service and leadership training with the opportunity to meet other college students around the world. Projects such as the Six Cents Initiative, CKI’s International fundraiser that aims to provide water to the 2.2 billion children worldwide who lack safe drinking water, bring CKI members together to make a difference in the world.

MO-ARK’s Chairperson for Circle K International is Richard Hammond at [email protected]    

Key Club

Key Club International, the largest high school service organization in the world, empowers its members to lead and serve by cultivating leadership skills, developing friendships, and performing community service. Key Club members have a passion for helping others and gain leadership skills they will carry with them for a lifetime.

     • A quarter-million members and 5,000 clubs in 38 nations
     • More than 12 million service hours annually
     • A resource that helps teens cultivate leadership skills, serve their communities, and build friendships.

Visit the MO-Key Club website:

MO-ARK Chairperson for Key Club is Jim Fritz, [email protected], 314-722-0466, Gravois – St Louis County

MO-ARK Key Clubs are listed as follows:

Key  Club Information Report CUS9503 06/06/2018

H14 – Missouri-Arkansas

Key Club High School, H number, Faculty Advisor, Sponsoring Kiwanis Club, K number, MO-ARK Division, dues paid, date, number of members

Affton High School MO H93213 Marilyn Allen Gravois, Saint Louis County K02169 K1409 175.0010/23/2017 25
Arcadia Valley High School MO H89901 I 0
Armorel High School AR H91882 Kristie Lee Blytheville K02299 K1416 I 0
Ava High School MO H80719 Melissa Tate Ava K12481 K1418 42.0004/11/2018 6
Batesville Senior High School AR H84953 Lisa McCord Batesville K01754 K1417 SUSP 0

Battle High School MO H93515 Mandy Franklin Columbia-Golden K K11531 K1405 175.0012/14/2017 25
Beebe High School AR H92425 Lindsay Sanders Beebe K02206 K1421 399.0011/07/2017 57
Benton High School AR H92529 Jacob Cragg Saline County K04112 K1415 1,316.0012/14/2017 188
Bentonville High School AR H80625 Susie Davis Bentonville K02748 K1419 532.0004/18/2018 76
Bentonville West High School AR H93905 Wanda Brown Bentonville K02748 K1419 721.0012/13/2017 103

Bergman High School AR H91914 Tina Ply Harrison K04444 K1418 259.0011/21/2017 37
Berryville High School AR H87948 Sarah Franklin Berryville K11824 K1418 392.0011/07/2017 56
Blue Springs Freshman Center MO H94171 Kate Kraybill New Blue Springs K19131 K1404 300.0005/04/2018* 17
Booneville High School AR H89377 Shannon Gray Booneville K13838 K1420 301.0011/28/2017 43
Boonville MO H92518 Joe Henke Boonville K01449 K1405 203.0012/02/2017 29

Buchanan High School MO H88225 Margaret A Harrell Troy K03396 K1406 77.0012/21/2017 11
Cabot Freshman Academy AR H93560 Traci Chudy Cabot K08781 K1421 336.0012/15/2017 48
Cabot High School AR H86233 Lindsey Peerson Cabot K08781 K1421 259.0001/17/2018 37
Calvary Lutheran High School MO H92644 Mrs Denise Crider Jefferson City K00464 K1411 462.0003/01/2018 66
Camden Fairview High School AR H87200 Cynthia Outlaw Camden K03255 K1423 343.0011/08/2017 49

Camdenton High School MO H91849 Melinda Whitney Camdenton K14107 K1411 77.0010/31/2017 11
Canton R-V High School MO H88129 Chad Morss Canton K01274 K1401 168.0001/04/2018 24
Cardinal Ritter College Prep MO H94044 Jocelyn Pollard Hampton-Midtown, Saint Louis K03289 K1409 % 0
Carrollton High School MO H81467 Mr Todd A Schachtsiek Carrollton K04170 K1403 189.0010/20/2017 27
Carthage High School MO H93091 Brandi Shoemaker Carthage K02834 K1412 I 0
Cave City High School AR H88121 Patricia Hinds Cave City K09768 K1417 154.0011/03/2017 22

Center High School MO H83352 Jackie Carr Kansas City K00059 K1404 168.0011/28/2017 24
Central High School MO H94091 Amanda Campbell Mid-Town, Kansas City K10583 K1404 500.0012/15/2017 18
Central Senior High School MO H80396 Mara Vaile Springfield (Downtown) K00272 K1413 385.0003/26/2018 55
Centralia High School MO H85464 Erin Gibbons Centralia K03241 K1405 168.0010/26/2017 24
Charleston High School MO H92624 Lana Collier Charleston K01547 K1414 301.0012/01/2017 43

Chillicothe R-11 High School MO H89227 Rachael Wheeler Chillicothe K00623 K1402 175.0010/10/2017 25
Clark County R1 High School MO H89006 Jill McAfee Canton K01274 K1401 161.0002/15/2018 23
Conway High School AR H92678 Margaret Reed Conway K01260 K1421 1,183.0012/07/2017 169
Crawford County R-II – Cuba High Sc MO H88861 Cate Sanazaro Cuba K13871 K1410 175.0012/15/2017 25
Crossett High School AR H92243 Darcy Grannon Crossett K11089 K1422 434.0009/25/2017 62

Dardanelle High School AR H93505 Larry Yarbrough I 0
Doniphan High School MO H80424 Mr Dalton Pennington Doniphan K02332 K1414 378.0012/13/2017 54
Dover High School AR H91966 Jon Sumners Russellville K03765 K1420 84.0005/07/2018 12
Duchesne High School MO H84389 Bob Biehle Saint Charles K02065 K1406 245.0012/07/2017 35
El Dorado High School AR H80331 Pate Bauldree El Dorado K01794 K1423 252.0012/11/2017 36

Eureka High School MO H92727 Mr John Deavers Meramec Valley Community K17754 K1409 63.0012/21/2017 9
Farmington High School MO H89467 Tiffany Mosier Farmington K02631 K1408 441.0001/26/2018 63
Fayetteville High School AR H80357 Aaron Nugent Fayetteville-Sequoyah K05925 K1424 56.0011/22/2017 8
Festus Senior High School MO H87615 Jeff Montgomery Festus-Crystal City K05759 K1408 238.0003/05/2018SUSP 34
Foreman Senior High School AR H92318 Michelle Young Foreman K06205 K1423 0

Fort Zumwalt North High School MO H83073 Jodi Englehart O’Fallon K05443 K1406 105.0001/16/2018 15
Fort Zumwalt West High School MO H90134 Abby Hall O’Fallon K05443 K1406 70.0001/16/2018 10
Fountain Lake High School AR H88724 Juli Wade Greater Hot Springs Village K11332 K1415 161.0012/07/2017 23
Fulton High School MO H91214 Cassandra Elam Fulton K01095 K1405 126.0002/05/2018 18
Gosnell High School AR H85148 Pam Carnal Blytheville K02299 K1416 385.0011/09/2017 55

Gravette High School AR H91386 Jacki Reiff Gravette K07831 K1419 70.0001/22/2018 10
Greene County Tech High School AR H88850 Patricia Roush Paragould K02279 K1416 280.0010/30/2017 40
Hancock High School MO H92990 Laura Mallory Gravois, Saint Louis County K02169 K1409 147.0012/21/2017 21
Hannibal Senior High School MO H84481 Ms Sheryl Gamble Hannibal K02289 K1401 399.0001/17/2018 57
Har-Ber High School AR H92164 Springdale K02666 K1424 0

Harding Academy AR H88672 Searcy K01403 K1421 SUSP 0
Harmony Grove AR H93207 Jennifer Waters Camden K03255 K1423 245.0004/12/2018 35
Harrison High School AR H83133 Kyndall E Wilson-Jenkins Harrison K04444 K1418 385.0011/07/2017 55
Harrisonville High School MO H91500 Roseann Hoffman Harrisonville K01050 K1404 35.0003/14/2018SUSP 5
Hazelwood East High School MO H92388 Mr Jason Dinwiddie Florissant Valley K04981 K1407 98.0003/13/2018 14

Hickman High School MO H80753 Leslie Sieckmann Columbia K00735 K1405 133.0012/14/2017 19
Highland High School AR H87036 Kerrby Gulley Cherokee Village K06226 K1417 203.0010/12/2017 29
Hope High School AR H80233 Raina Ghormley Hope K01763 K1423 SUSP 0
Hot Springs High School AR H91419 Lorrie Ann Duke Greater Hot Springs K08312 K1415 84.0004/11/2018 12
Huntsville High School AR H89771 Bailey Cotton Huntsville K07830 K1424 126.0002/19/2018 18

Izard County Consolidated AR H86028 Tammy Roberts Horseshoe Bend K07381 K1417 161.0011/20/2017 23
Jackson County School District AR H91673 Jillian R Church Newport K04453 K1417 140.0011/01/2017 20
Jasper High School AR H89694 Emily A Willis Jasper, Newton County K16073 K1418 287.0012/06/2017 41
Jefferson City High School MO H93136 Shane Williams Jefferson City K00464 K1411 147.0011/30/2017 21
Jessieville High School AR H86903 Chelsea Hall Hot Springs Village K10265 K1415 119.0002/14/2018 20

Jonesboro Sr High School AR H80255 Courtney Russell Jonesboro K02045 K1416 98.0002/08/2018 14
Joplin High School MO H80435 Sara Adcock Joplin K00249 K1412 287.0012/07/2017 41
Kennett High School MO H81593 Katie Porterfield Kennett K02581 K1416 308.0009/26/2017 44
Kickapoo High School MO H84706 High School Kickapoo Springfield (Downtown) K00272 K1413 231.0010/26/2017 33
Kirksville Senior High School MO H88283 Crissy Bane Kirksville K00338 K1401 217.0012/22/2017 31

Lafayette High School MO H90760 Scott Beaver Chesterfield K07464 K1409 1,631.0011/02/2017 233
Liberty High School MO H88970 Erin M Garvey Liberty K04130 K1403 1,169.0012/07/2017 167
Liberty High School MO H93405 Ms Sonya Borders West St. Charles County K11502 K1406 490.0011/01/2017 70
Liberty North High School MO H93043 Katie Mitchell Liberty K04130 K1403 350.0001/19/2018 50
Lincoln College Prep Key Club MO H92404 Ryan Fitzpatrick Mid-Town, Kansas City K10583 K1404 357.0011/01/2017 51

Lincoln High School AR H87987 Patricia Myers Lincoln K02788 K1424 70.0004/26/2018 10
Lindbergh High School MO H86284 Julie Berman Crestwood-Sunset Hills K05779 K1409 133.0012/07/2017 19
Logan-Rogersville MO H92469 Laura Kovach Ozark Empire, Springfield K03419 K1413 595.0010/26/2017 85
Lutheran High School South MO H93577 Debbie Welter Gravois, Saint Louis County K02169 K1409 238.0001/25/2018 34
Lutheran High St. Charles County MO H92596 Edmund Staude St. Peters K07595 K1406 280.0001/25/2018 40

Maplewood Richmond Heights MO H93677 Patrice Bryan Maplewood K02741 K1409 70.0012/01/2017 10
Marion County R-II High School MO H90920 Margaret Keilholz Palmyra K02223 K1401 105.0010/31/2017 15
Marquette High School MO H92065 Laurie Philipp Chesterfield K07464 K1409 1,582.0012/05/2017 226
Marshfield High School MO H90773 Sherry Davis Ozark Empire, Springfield K03419 K1413 I 0
McCluer High School MO H88858 Alana Parks Ferguson K05692 K1407 112.0003/14/2018 16

Mehlville High School MO H92101 Rebecca Bock South County, St Louis K11339 K1409 126.0012/15/2017 18
Mexico High School MO H80664 Mrs Colleen Galloway Mexico K00724 K1405 385.0002/07/2018 55
Midland High School AR H89714 John Parks Batesville K01754 K1417 84.0012/04/2017 12
Mills High School AR H93784 Pulaski Heights, Little Rock K03650 K1425 SUSP 0
Monett High School MO H84180 Catherine Eck Monett K01283 K1412 SUSP 0

Mountain Grove High School MO H80915 Holly N. McCleary Mountain Grove K01192 K1428 77.0003/01/2018 11
Mountain Home High School AR H88436 Connie Hicks Mountain Home K05670 K1418 I 0
Mountainburg High School MO H92801 Alycia Graves Fort Smith K01409 K1420 112.0012/11/2017 16
Neosho High School MO H83053 Mrs Marla D Hixson Neosho K04533 K1412 259.0001/30/2018 37
Newport High School AR H89651 Mary Bennett Newport K04453 K1417 147.0012/19/2017 21

North Little Rock High School AR H81506 Taylor Lowrey North Little Rock K03278 K1425 175.0004/14/2018 25
Oak Park High School – KC, MO MO H92614 Lori Dameron 56.00 02/14/2018 8
Oakville Senior High School MO H89805 Dr Jim Kreyling South County, St Louis K11339 K1409 231.0011/03/2017 33
Ozark High School MO H93605 Sara R Floyd Ozark K11966 K1413 693.0010/30/2017 99
Palmyra High School MO H80347 Katy Fuqua Palmyra K02223 K1401 322.0011/01/2017 46

Paragould High School AR H80387 Courtney Smith Paragould K02279 K1416 231.0011/08/2017 33
Paris High School AR H92030 Kelly Kimmell Paris K01364 K1420 217.0011/17/2017 31
Park Hill South High School MO H90077 Mrs Meredith A Williams 70.00 11/08/2017% 10
Parkview High School MO H81682 I 0
Parkway North Senior High School MO H87048 Caitlin Edmonds Creve Coeur K05867 K1407 119.0003/13/2018 17

Parkway South Senior High School MO H85698 Rebecca Neil Creve Coeur K05867 K1407 651.0012/02/2017 93
Parkway West High School MO H93794 Jess Verweyst Meramec Valley Community K17754 K1409 399.0002/21/2018 57
Pattonville Senior High School MO H86788 Danielle Adams Bridgeton K06263 K1407 224.0001/25/2018 32
Pine Bluff High School AR H94052 Tonya Colen Pine Bluff K01758 K1422 % 0
Pocahontas High School AR H82693 Travis Michael James Pocahontas K02840 K1417 154.0005/01/2018 22

Poplar Bluff High School MO H80818 Elizabeth Lewis-Muse Poplar Bluff K00680 K1414 147.0003/14/2018 21
Prescott High School AR H86410 Jessica Gutierrez Prescott K02750 K1423 210.0010/27/2017 30
Raytown High School MO H82505 Megan Gerwick Raytown Three Trails K17759 K1404 329.0012/14/2017 47
Republic High School MO H92860 Amanda Plotner Republic K05138 K1413 371.0012/07/2017 53
Richmond High School MO H90032 Josh Alan McCray Richmond K01121 K1403 63.0012/04/2017 9
Ridgway Christian High School AR H93756 Polly Miller Pine Bluff K01758 K1422 SUSP 0

Rock Bridge High School MO H85471 Susan Trice Columbia-Boonslick K06154 K1405 630.0003/05/2018 90
Rolla High School MO H80359 Christy Green Rolla K02845 K1410 252.0012/02/2017 36
Sacred Heart High School AR H89320 Dottie Greeson Morrilton K01338 K1421 378.0010/23/2017 54
Sacred Heart School MO H93980 Sherry Buckley Sedalia K00710 K1411 SUSP 0
Saint Charles West High School MO H86175 Nancy Weil Saint Charles K02065 K1406 224.0004/19/2018 32

School of Innovation AR H93800 Kimberly Blackston Springdale K02666 K1424 231.0001/16/2018 33
School Of The Osage High School MO H87777 Sharon Webb Ozark Coast, Osage Beach K12305 K1411 252.0010/24/2017 36
Searcy High School AR H80614 Steve Snow Searcy K01403 K1421 343.0012/21/2017 49
Seckman High School MO H92332 Andrea Patterson 28.00 02/15/2018 4
Sikeston High School MO H91944 Rick D Justice Sikeston K02068 K1414 413.0012/14/2017 59

South Shelby High School MO H93482 Ashley Fossum Macon K06215 K1401 SUSP 0
Southside High School AR H83283 Angela Stout Fort Smith, Commissary K05916 K1420 336.0003/26/2018 48
Southside High School AR H86625 Adair Qualls Batesville K01754 K1417 203.0011/14/2017 29
Springdale High School AR H81185 Cat Peters Springdale K02666 K1424 371.0005/04/2018 53
St Clair High School MO H84359 Alicia Schoonover Saint Clair K04211 K1410 182.0001/12/2018 26

St. Charles High School MO H92573 Pat Martin Saint Charles K02065 K1406 140.0011/10/2017 20
Summit Ridge Academy MO H92155 Shelli Tucker Lee’s Summit K05841 K1404 I 0
Tolton High School MO H93562 Pat Kelly Columbia-Golden K K11531 K1405 224.0012/12/2017 32
Trenton High School MO H88721 E’Lisha W Gass Trenton K03522 K1402 154.0010/05/2017 22
Troy Ninth Grade Center MO H92407 Diane Kileen Troy K03396 K1406 91.0002/27/2018 13

Truman High School MO H88896 Kylie Crichton Independence K01881 K1404 119.0010/27/2017 17
Union High School MO H87821 Jr William G Koch Union K09522 K1410 161.0001/03/2018 23
Valley Springs High School AR H82951 Kim Scott Harrison K04444 K1418 301.0010/11/2017 43
Walnut Ridge High School AR H82995 Jerry Haynes Walnut Ridge K04662 K1417 742.0011/08/2017 106
Washington Senior High School MO H88198 Kathryn R Sandoval Union K09522 K1410 133.0003/16/2018 19

Watson Chapel High School AR H87907 Daniel Hamilton Pine Bluff K01758 K1422 287.0002/22/2018 41
Waynesville High School MO H83835 Kim Bahr Pulaski County, Waynesville K08982 K1410 140.0001/08/2018 20
Wentzville Holt High School MO H88991 Lacey Hiatte West St. Charles County K11502 K1406 203.0011/07/2017 29
Winnetonka High School MO H93471 Carrie Marcantonio 280.00 11/22/2017 41

ClubsDistrict Totals: 151 Clubs 133 Active Mbr Cnt 131 Paid 8 Inactive 10 Suspended Retained New 2 5,237

* = 2017-2018 summer club,  % = 2016-2017 summer club