Club Newsletters

We will post the latest edition of your club newsletter.  For inclusion, send your newsletter to [email protected].

Technical Notes

We prefer pdf, jpg, png, or doc files.  The user must have software to read them.  Most PCs can read all four types.  Docx files are discouraged as they require the newest Office or Word programs.

Tablets and smart phones are usually equipped to read jpg or png files.  Free apps are available to read pdf and doc files.

Newsletter files submitted will be uploaded to the MO-ARK servers.

If your newsletter is already posted on the internet, send in the url address.   The MO-ARK website can link to your document directly.


Click on the underlined club name below to view their most recent newsletter.  In most cases the file will open automatically; some will download to your computer or device and need to be clicked to open.  File names are of the format:  nl2016 club abrev month.doc

Region 1

Division 1 

Kirksville Kiwanis

Division 3

Division 5

Columbia Boonslick Kiwanis Club

Division 7

Division 9 

Division 10  

Union Kiwanis

Division 13

Division 15

Division 17

Batesville Kiwanis Club