Is Your Club the One? Then Show it

Volunteers give a part of themselves. They invest their time, energy and skills to make a difference in their communities. Being able to make a difference brings a sense of satisfaction worth more than money. The paycheck for volunteer work performed is much less tangible, but oftentimes more valuable – friendships among members, a sense of self-worth and the feeling of being appreciated, to name a few. Recognizing a person’s value, investment and contribution is key to retaining members – and motivating them to stay invested in your club. You can recognize exceptional members with any of the following awards.

Ruby K Award

Honor Kiwanians who invite five or more new members during their Kiwanis career with a Ruby K Award, free of charge. Ruby K pins recognize members for inviting new members – from five to 100 people. (Further Ruby K awards are given for multiples of 25 over 100.) The award is cumulative, so previous recipients are eligible for a new Ruby K when they invite additional members.  For application form, click here.

Distinguished members and clubs

Kiwanis International gives “distinguished” awards to individual Kiwanians and clubs that meet established criteria that demonstrate special dedication to service, membership strength and Kiwanis education. Distinguished members receive a lapel pin. Distinguished clubs receive lapel pins for the president and secretary, along with a patch for the club’s banner. Missouri Arkansas also offers this award, however it is based on a different set of criteria.  That criteria includes Membership Growth, New Club Growth Initiative, Leadership Education, Conference Attendance, Local Community Service, Global Community Service and Service Leadership Programs.  Application can be found on the MOARK webpage.  For Distinguished Club, click here.  For Distinguished Member, click here.


When members of a Kiwanis club visit another Kiwanis Club or a Service Leadership Club at a regular meeting or any other organized Kiwanis Family function, it qualifies as an interclub. A club qualifies if it attends a number of interclubs throughout the year.   Information and rules can be found on the MOARK webpage.  Click here.

Life membership

Thank a member who has demonstrated exemplary commitment to The Objects of Kiwanis and mission of Kiwanis International with life member status. A gold-tone membership card, desktop award, distinctive lapel pin and lifelong exemption from Kiwanis International dues are some of the ways life members are honored. Learn more.  To qualify for Life Membership, a member must have been a Kiwanian for three years.  The cost is 15x$52 (the dues portion of your clubs annual bill)= $780.  Life members save the dues portion in the annual billing.  Dues then reduces from $97 to $42 (magazine, insurance and MO-ARK dues).  For more, see the Membership article.  Click here.  Ask your club Secretary to apply via the Secretary Dashboard.

Legion of Honor

Honor members who have served in Kiwanis for 25 years or more with the Legion of Honor award. They deserve recognition for helping to make Kiwanis the great organization it is today. Certificates signed by the Kiwanis International president and executive director, as well as lapel pins that reflect the highest office held by the honoree, are available for presentation. Purchase Legion of Honor awards from the KI Store.  Click here.

Robert P. Connelly Medal of Heroism

Robert P. Connelly Medal of Heroism The Robert P. Connelly Medal of Heroism is awarded to an individual who has risked or given his or her life to save someone else. The medal has honored more than 600 individuals, each of whom has exemplified the supreme sacrifice given by Connelly – a Kiwanis member who died in an attempt to save a woman’s life. Potential recipients are nominated by Kiwanis clubs within one year of their heroic acts. Robert P. Connelly, 34, a member of the Kiwanis Club of Lisle, Illinois, lost his life on September 23, 1966, as he attempted to rescue a woman who had fallen into the path of a passenger train. Both died in the accident. The Robert P. Connelly Medal of Heroism was created during the 1967 Kiwanis International convention. The award notes that Connelly was “the epitome of all that Kiwanis strives to be.”  To submit a name for consideration of the Connelly Medal, please complete the online submission form.  Click here.

For additional information on these forms of recognition either call Kiwanis International at 1-800-KIWANIS or email [email protected].  For the Missouri Arkansas Awards call the District Office at 314-581-0497 or email [email protected] or check out the MOARK webpage at 

Prepared by MO-ARK Secretary, Mary Vaughan.  Published in Kiwanigram No. 19 of November, 2018

Clubs can also recognize their members with certificates, plaques, or gifts from the Kiwanis store.

Dr. Wil Blechman Fellowship

Dr. Blechman was the 2003-4 Kiwanis International President who initiated the Iodine Deficiency Program

Kiwanis has announced a new fellowship for those who donate $2500 to Kiwanis Children’s Fund. Proceeds will go for service to young children rather than Eliminate.

Hixson, Zimmermann, and Les Mace Awards

Many clubs honor outstanding members with these awards. MO-ARKs Earl Collins Foundation awards the Zimmermann and Les Mace Awards. For details see the Earl Collins page.

Time for a Hixson?

Be a part of the Hixson tradition.  As Kiwanis International’s first president, George F. Hixson paved the way for the leaders who would follow.  In 1983, the Kiwanis International Foundation honored his inaugural presidency—and more than 50 years of Kiwanis service—by establishing the George F. Hixson Fellowship.  As a way of recognizing people who have contributed significantly to Kiwanis’ history of generosity, the George F. Hixson Fellowship is bestowed upon donors who give $1,000 or more to our foundation.  With your one-time gift or two-year pledge, you support the Kiwanis Children’s Fund—helping fund grants to Kiwanis Service Leadership Programs as well as Kiwanis clubs, districts and district foundations.  

Become a George F. Hixson Fellow by making a gift today.  Or give in honor of another—recognizing someone’s special commitment with a Hixson Fellowship in their name.  If you plan to proudly wear your Hixson Fellowship recognition during a Kiwanis convention or event, please make your gift and request recognition six weeks in advance.  This will ensure time for processing and shipping.  And remember:  

If all of your club members are Hixson Fellows, you can apply to be a George F. Hixson Fellow Club!

For more information, click here.