Club Leadership Education (CLE)

Club Leadership Education (CLE) is the Kiwanis training system especially for club officers but also for board members and committee chairs. 

CLE is required for all incoming Presidents, Secretaries & Treasurers.  The training is helpful for all Members and Officers. In the Missouri-Arkansas District, certified trainers are available to provide CLE training.  Training is usually arranged by your Lt. Governor at a location convenient to you.  Make-up training is provided at the annual MO-ARK convention in August.  Trainers have printed books for all club officers.  For those who cannot attend a CLE session, training is available on line. 

For more information, see the sections below.

If you need help with any aspect of CLE, forms or procedures, please feel free to contact the trainer in your area for assistance.

Your comments and suggestions are welcome.  Contact Paul Eckler at 636-273-5398 or

Paul Eckler
MO-ARK Master Trainer aka Leadership Development Co-ordinator

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