Kiwanigram Submissions   Information to be included in the Kiwanigram may be submitted by mail to editor Diane Baker at 122 Atchison Place, Batesville AR 72501-8014, or by e-mail to  Please include the name and location of your club.  Information about Service Leadership clubs and events may also be submitted. 

Photos from club projects are always welcome.  Preference will be given to photos of Kiwanians participating in and interacting with children at service projects.  Please include a brief description of each photo and the names of the Kiwanians featured in the photo if possible.  

Please send Diane your club information at by the middle of these months, November (publication first of December), January (February), March (April), May (June), July (August), September (October). 











Les Mace Kiwanigram Collection

Les Mace has a collection of Kiwanigrams. His plan–

Attached is a file showing the Kiwanigram’s, Mid Year programs and Convention programs that I have on hand.

As we all know they have a wealth of “History” in them. To help me and all of you in making the history complete and vibrant, I would like to have as many of these publications on hand as possible.

Review this list and let me know any of them that you have and I will add them to my collection.

When we are through with the history project, I will forward all that I have to the Mo-Ark History museum in Harrison, AR, for Troy Massey and the staff to keep on file.

Again, Thank you all for participating.

Les Mace

MO-ARK Bulletin Editor: 

Diane Baker 870-307-1318 Batesville