Club Websites, Free from KI

Free Club Websites from Kiwanis International

Kiwanis is offering a free, easy-to-use website for clubs.  This new and free website platform, created by and for members, will save clubs money, time and offer a streamlined user experience. 

The website platform is provided as a service by Kiwanis International. Kiwanis hosts the websites and manages the WordPress software upgrades and security.

Features include:

•    Free Facebook feed
•    Google calendar feed
•    Payment capabilities
•    Forms
•    Mobile-responsive design
•    Free logo design


To apply, the club webmaster should complete a club interest form.  Click here.

The webmaster will receive an email when the site has been created. That member will confirm his or her access and log into the site, using directions found here.

Module 0 – Site Security
Module 1 – Accessing the Site

The webmaster should complete the remaining training modules. The training is located at a DIY site; guided training via GoToMeeting is also offered.

The webmaster will also receive a sample website to modify to your club’s requirements.

How do we learn the new website platform?

Participants will also have access to the training website, where they can complete training modules at their own pace. Training modules are hands-on and require about 1.5 hours each. The training is progressive — individuals can stop whenever they feel they have the knowledge they need. However, we do encourage everyone to complete all the modules.

In addition, all technical advocates will be added to a club sites trainer team hosted in Microsoft Teams. This is a great way for the trainers to collaborate, improve the platform and help each other.

If your club would like a website, please follow the four steps to club website rollout above.

Questions?  Contact Paul Eckler at [email protected].


KI offers these suggestions for what to include in your club website: