Eliminate Zeller Fellowship

A Walter Zeller Fellowship Award can save and protect more than 690 women and their future babies form MNT.  If those women each gave birth to just one child, those 690 children could

  • *  Receive 251,850 goodnight kisses per year.
  • *  Give their parents 1 million hugs a year
  • *  Form 62 soccer teams
  • ​*  Fill 27 kindergarten classes.

When you give US$1,250 to The Eliminate Project, you can become a   Walter Zeller Fellow—and save or protect more than 690 women and their future babies.

MNT is on the brink of elimination. With your one-time gift or two-year pledge, you have the power to save lives and prevent a life-threatening disease.

Simply click here to make an online gift or pledge using the secure form for The Eliminate Project.

If you prefer, click here for a gift or pledge form to complete.  You can mail or fax the form.  Fax the form to 317-471-8323 or mail to:

     The Eliminate Project: Campaign Office 
     PO Box 6457 Dept. 286 
     Indianapolis, IN 46206. 

You can even call + 1-800-KIWANIS, ext. 213, to make your Walter Zeller Fellowship gift by phone.

Walter Zeller made the first gift to establish the Kiwanis International Foundation in 1940. To honor a kindred spirit of generosity, Walter Zeller Fellows receive a medallion, certificate and commemorative lapel pin. Most important of all, these gifts help put MNT where it belongs: in the medical history books.

Do your part to eliminate MNT from the face of the Earth. Become a Walter Zeller Fellow, or honor someone with a Walter Zeller Fellowship Award.

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